More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera [Review]


“From the shapes cast by the green paper lantern, you would never know that there were two boys sitting closely to one another trying to find themselves. You would only see shadows hugging, indiscriminate.”

Twenty-four pages in and I was already in love. Five stars can never express how incredible this book is.

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Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson [Review]

Amy Curry had just finished her junior year at Raven Rock High School in California. Her father died three months earlier in a tragic car accident, for which Amy blames herself. Her mother, who has left her alone for a month to get settled down in their new home in Connecticut, sent Amy on a road trip with her barely-remembered childhood friend Roger because Amy hasn’t driven since It happened. So basically, Roger agreed to be the chauffeur because he needed to get to Philadelphia to spend his summer with his dad. Or so we think…

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