Hello Me, It’s You [Book Review]


There will be days, months, and weeks where you’re in control, then all it will take is one argument, one bad day, one trigger to make you wonder if anything in life is worth it. It is though; it’s worth it every time. It’s always going to be one step forward, closely followed by two thousand steps back, but one day, we’ll find a way to make it. We will.

Hello Me, It’s You is a collection of letters written by different people who have experiences on mental health to their 16-year-old selves. The editor, Hannah Todd, was inspired to create this project after her first-hand experience with depression and anxiety. It is a book that reduces the stigma surrounding mental health.

One thing that is common among all the letters in this book is hope. Despite what the authors have gone through, they never fail to see even the tiniest slivers of hope and that’s very powerful. With these inspiring stories, the readers get to see how real mental health issues are and how important it is for society to acknowledge and understand people who are going through these problems.

The different insights from those with first-hand experiences with mental health issues are striking and eye opening. The way they describe how it feels and how they think other people see them feels all too genuine and raw:

What you are feeling is sadness beyond sadness and it’s so incredibly hard to picture any way to escape it. People who have never felt this way do not understand it, they will tell you to “get over it” or that you are “just being a teenager” or that “everyone gets sad sometimes” those people aren’t trying to be hurtful, they just don’t have the knowledge or experience that other people’s brains don’t work like theirs do.


That, I believe, is the most important thing about mental health – It hurts just as much as any broken limb or open wound; the only difference is that you cannot physically see it in its entirety.

The thing that I love the most about this book is how personal the letters are. You feel that they really wished their future selves wrote a letter when they were sixteen because it would have made such a huge difference in their lives. Their words would have been so helpful during their hardest times so now, they are doing this project for the 16 year-olds who need this kind of encouragement from people who know what it truly feels.

Both uplifting and inspiring, Hello Me, It’s You is an incredible read for those who are going through mental health problems, as well as for those who know a relative or a friend who needs help.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars






Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo [Review]


I never really dived into the magical fantasy genre before because I was afraid of how foreign everything will be; how I might not be able to understand and imagine the world created in the book. Then, as I passed by the YA epic fantasy section of the bookstore, I think I heard Leigh Bardugo whisper to me, “That’s because you haven’t read Six of Crows yet,” and after turning the last page of this book, I realized that it’s all in the way the author presents the characters, the world-building, and the plot.

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